• Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • The Enneagram shows you the shining light of who you REALLY are
    "Your personality is not a condition of the mind but an expression of the Soul. It is the result of your Higher Self's desire for continued expansion and experience of life"
  • Learning about the Enneagram will benefit you for the rest of your life
    Participants on AWAKENING, the Enneagram Programme Foundation Course, report not just insights and improvements, but lasting results that expand and unfold over time.
  • The Enneagram shows us who we are on a fundamental level
    The Enneagram equips us with the tools to evoke profound change within ourselves and our lives, bringing us back into balance and allowing us free access to our positive gifts.
  • Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • Only the Enneagram unravels the deeper aspects of couple dynamics
    Build happier and healthier relationships and avoid conflict through self-understanding, and profound insight into each others values, expectations and unspoken needs.
  • Let go of your self-defeating patterns and experience real freedom for life
    The Enneagram sets you free from the habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that cause you pain and stop you from experiencing a life filled with freedom and joy.
  • Learn more about the Enneagram and how it can transform your life
    The Enneagram describes the nine ways of being in the world, giving deep insight into nine essentially different personality types, each with their own way of seeing the world.
  • During 3 amazing days you will unlock the brilliance of your personality
    AWAKENING was specifically designed to bring about significant and lasting personal change. Gain profound self-acceptance & foundations for a new way of being you.
  • Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • The Enneagram underpins all life and is as old as the Universe
    Ancient civilisations taught the Enneagram to young people in order that they could experience positive feelings about themselves and have healthy, harmonious relationships.
  • Discover the thread with which you have woven the tapestry of your life
    "The purpose of this work is to understand the nature of your life picture and to unravel the parts you wish were different so that you may reweave them into a more beautiful picture"
  • Transform your working environments and professional relationships
    "The Enneagram is the single most profound, insightful and practical way of enabling each person within your organisation to become truly effective and successful"
  • Enhancing Individual and Team Performance with the Enneagram
    When the unparalleled insights provided by the Enneagram are utilized within the workplace, communication and teamwork become exponentially more effective.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is the map of consciousness that underpins all aspects of your life. It illuminates the nine ways of being in the world...

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What is it for?

The Enneagram equips us with the tools to bring about profound change within ourselves and our lives, bringing us into balance and giving us...

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Is this for me?

Through the Enneagram we discover and understand our true selves, and see our negative patterns clearly without self-criticism or ego...

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The Enneagram Foundation Course

AWAKENING, the foundation course of The Enneagram Programme, provides a deep exploration into the meaning, origin and history of The Enneagram and takes you to the core of your being. These 3 fascinating and transformative days enable you to embrace the truth of your fundamental Blueprint, discover your real purpose and unlock your divine magnificence.

During these 3 days, you will:

  • Discover your Enneagram personality type, embrace your intrinsic gifts and unravel all that seemed difficult to understand within yourself and others.
  • Gain real understanding of the deep, unconscious needs that drive you forward yet also hold you back from reaching your true potential.
  • Get profound insight into self-defeating patterns that prevent your true happiness and peace... and begin to find new ways of being.
  • Discover what causes your relationships to flourish or flounder and so begin to master difficult or painful interactions with others.
  • Learn about the true origin and history of the Enneagram.

Most importantly, you will get a clear picture of the inherent gifts of your type. It is through these gifts that your true self is able to shine and they are the foundation of your potential in this life.

You will also gain an understanding of how your connection to 4 other points on the Enneagram affect your overall personality - the 2 types either side of your own number which are your ‘wings’ and the 2 connecting points across the circle - and this explains many subtleties within your behaviour patterns.

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“The Enneagram seems to know you better than you know yourself”

As you learn about all 9 personality types, for each type you discover:

  • the origin of the personality
  • what their real gifts are
  • what drives them
  • what holds them back
  • how they interact with their world
  • how they use their energy
  • what their deep, unconscious needs and fears are

It is very valuable - and fun - to hear what others on the course share about what it is like to be their personality type for this enriches all that you are experiencing. And, of-course, you will be given help where needed, to type the other important people in your life so that you can gain insight into the behaviour and motivations of those close to you.

Although it would be nice to only focus on the positive, it is essential to become aware of the negative traits of your type (after all, when you want to clean the house you have to look at the dirt first!) An important part of this work with the Enneagram is to make sense of the way in which the drive to get our (usually) unconscious needs met can spiral down into self-defeating behaviour patterns that cause stress, pain, alienation, separation, unfulfilment, painful relationship dynamics and much more.

“Experience a renewed perspective on life by discovering & understanding your true self”

It is only by understanding these aspects of ourselves that we can rise above them - but they are not ‘who we really are’. They are just ‘stuff’ and working with the Enneagram will point the way toward moving out of these negative patterns. Your true nature is positivity. And, as you see your own patterns more clearly, real self-acceptance and compassion for yourself comes about, especially as you recognise how each of the other eight types also has its own negative patterns.

n.b. Even though these 3 days demand self-enquiry and self-honesty, we do not ask for self-revelation. Your teachers understand that some of the personality types are naturally very private and so, although many course participants share something of themselves within the group, no-one is asked for private information they do not wish to reveal.

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What outcome can I expect from Awakening?

Working with the Enneagram will change your life forever. You will experience a tangible increase in self-awareness and a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life. Human behaviour will no longer be a mystery and you will experience greater clarity and focus in whatever you pursue.
In addition, expect to:

  • attract and maintain healthy fulfilling relationships
  • experience clarity and harmony within all interactions
  • have greater self-acceptance and confidence
  • feel lighter, more peaceful and self-empowered

Is this course for me?

If you seek answers to questions such as: Who am I? Why am I like this? Why am I here? AWAKENING provides answers.

If you want to feel more content and complete...If you want to be more confident and empowered, and embrace your full potential...AWAKENING is for you.

If you want freedom from repeating negative patterns, and to experience ease within relationships...AWAKENING facilitates new beginnings.

If you are a curious individual looking for a deeper understanding of yourself and the patterns that govern your life...then this groundbreaking course provides unparalleled insight into ‘what makes us tick’.

This course is invaluable to therapists, psychotherapists, counsellors, teachers, doctors, even business people - in fact, anyone who needs to deal effectively with other people.

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The Enneagram offers a new paradigm for living; a map of consciousness that holds the key to unlocking true understanding of humanity

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