• Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • The Enneagram shows you the shining light of who you REALLY are
    "Your personality is not a condition of the mind but an expression of the Soul. It is the result of your Higher Self's desire for continued expansion and experience of life"
  • Learning about the Enneagram will benefit you for the rest of your life
    Participants on AWAKENING, the Enneagram Programme Foundation Course, report not just insights and improvements, but lasting results that expand and unfold over time.
  • The Enneagram shows us who we are on a fundamental level
    The Enneagram equips us with the tools to evoke profound change within ourselves and our lives, bringing us back into balance and allowing us free access to our positive gifts.
  • Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • Only the Enneagram unravels the deeper aspects of couple dynamics
    Build happier and healthier relationships and avoid conflict through self-understanding, and profound insight into each others values, expectations and unspoken needs.
  • Let go of your self-defeating patterns and experience real freedom for life
    The Enneagram sets you free from the habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that cause you pain and stop you from experiencing a life filled with freedom and joy.
  • Learn more about the Enneagram and how it can transform your life
    The Enneagram describes the nine ways of being in the world, giving deep insight into nine essentially different personality types, each with their own way of seeing the world.
  • During 3 amazing days you will unlock the brilliance of your personality
    AWAKENING was specifically designed to bring about significant and lasting personal change. Gain profound self-acceptance & foundations for a new way of being you.
  • Study the Enneagram at home everyday with our ONLINE COURSES
    'The 9 Personality Types' is a complete introduction to the Enneagram. This 12-hr audio course also includes a 100-page guidebook, containing 4 transformative workbooks
  • The Enneagram underpins all life and is as old as the Universe
    Ancient civilisations taught the Enneagram to young people in order that they could experience positive feelings about themselves and have healthy, harmonious relationships.
  • Discover the thread with which you have woven the tapestry of your life
    "The purpose of this work is to understand the nature of your life picture and to unravel the parts you wish were different so that you may reweave them into a more beautiful picture"
  • Transform your working environments and professional relationships
    "The Enneagram is the single most profound, insightful and practical way of enabling each person within your organisation to become truly effective and successful"
  • Enhancing Individual and Team Performance with the Enneagram
    When the unparalleled insights provided by the Enneagram are utilized within the workplace, communication and teamwork become exponentially more effective.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is the map of consciousness that underpins all aspects of your life. It illuminates the nine ways of being in the world...

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What is it for?

The Enneagram equips us with the tools to bring about profound change within ourselves and our lives, bringing us into balance and giving us...

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Is this for me?

Through the Enneagram we discover and understand our true selves, and see our negative patterns clearly without self-criticism or ego...

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Part 2: Letting Your Light Shine

This is a very special part of The Enneagram Programme for it is probably the most transformative part of the whole course.

These 3 transformative day enable you to:

  • Let go, permanently, of much of your negative thinking and reactions.
  • Understand and let go of negative beliefs that have driven your self-defeating patterns of behaviour.
  • Get profound insight into negative patterns that prevent your true happiness and peace... and permanently let go of them.

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Awakening (Part 1) provides us with a clear understanding of ourselves, perhaps for the first time. As we begin to recognise and accept all aspects of our own personality type - the positive and the negative - there cannot help but be a great desire to be free from the negative patterns of our personality.

“The Enneagram offers a new paradigm for living; a map of consciousness that holds the key to unlocking true understanding of humanity”

The positive traits of your type are the way in which you intended your light to shine on the world in this life and it within those wonderful gifts that your potential lies. However, each type also has negative traits and runs negative patterns.

The negative aspects of your personality developed in your young years as you tried to cope with a demanding world and the people in it. It was meant to be this way - none us came into life to experience only the positive side of our personality, for it is within the negative that our opportunity for growth resides.

No matter how much work we have done on ourselves there are times when our negative stuff comes to the fore and throws us out of balance ... and then life - or our relationships or both! - feel less than good. The negative traits of your type and the resulting negative patterns you experience (and YOU know what yours are even though you may not have truly understood them before) cast a shadow over your brilliance just as a lampshade shadows the light from a lamp. However, these ‘lampshades’ can be let go of permanently and every one of us would prefer to live life from our positive traits without the negative stuff tripping us up!

These 3 days give a deeper understanding of how your negative patterns came to be put in place and, even better ... facilitates the letting go of many of those ‘lampshades’. The Enneagram Freedom Process is a simple yet profound process through which you permanently let go of negative beliefs and emotional issues that drive the negative traits of your personality type. These are the things that have held you back from being all that you could be and from having the happy, fulfilled life you desire. This leaves you free to allow your true light shine and to live through your gifts and positivity.

The Enneagram is about self-knowledge.

The Enneagram Freedom Process brings freedom
from what holds us back.

When used together the results are life-changing.

As your true gifts are revealed and you break through long-held emotional and mental blocks, you gain the freedom to be your true self and start living your life 'on purpose'. You will achieve significant and lasting personal change, finally understanding and dissolving the limiting patterns that have prevented your light from really shining.

The Enneagram also provides a specific path of personal development for each personality type, and at the end of these 3 amazing days you receive your own personal guidance, specifically related to type, about ways in which you can go on to help yourself further, to enhance what you have already experienced.

And so, you leave Letting Your Light Shine free from the negative patterns and blocks, the recurring painful emotions that were held from the past ... free to live joyously and harmoniously in the present moment expressing your true self through your shining gifts.

Experience a renewed perspective on life by discovering & understanding your true self

n.b. Your teachers create a safe and compassionate environment for the unfolding of this deep personal stuff and, even though these 3 days demand self-enquiry and self-honesty, we do not ask for self-revelation. It is clearly understood that some of the personality types are very private by their very nature and so, although many course participants share something of themselves with the group, no-one is asked for private information they do not wish to reveal.

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Is this course for me?

Working with the Enneagram Freedom Process facilitates permanent letting go of negative patterns. You will experience a lightness in your approach to life and a tangible personal transformation.

In addition, expect to:

  • experience a significant increase in self-worth and self-empowerment.
  • be less reactive in relationships.
  • be free of those old painful patterns.
  • live through your positive traits with less of the negative tripping you up.
  • feel lighter, more peaceful and self-empowered

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Completion of Awakening - 3-day Part 1 of the Enneagram Programme

n.b. This course is an advanced study course for those that have already attended the 3-day Enneagram Foundation Course, and is not an introduction to the Enneagram. Please visit our course schedule for more information of upcoming Foundation Courses.

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